Marisa Have you ever really observed an olive tree? Its powerful branches resuming the extraordinary strenght of nature, its roots, like tentacles, consolidating the fragile earth of the hills and its oval fruits holding the generosity of a tree which gives a complete and perfect nourishment.
And what about beauty? Olive groves have been drawing the Italian countryside landscape for centuries!

Here in Tuscany, we grow three main varieties of olive trees: leccino, a huge tree with thick branches and black olives, in bunches; frantoio, dressed with long hanging branches, the best for its tasty oil; moraiolo, with its rising branches, thin leaves and little and black-opaque olives.

If you ask a peasant, in Tuscany, about what is more precious in between oil and wine, he will probably not answer you, at first. Then, after a few long breaths, and without looking into your eyes, he will say that wine is something invaluable, expression of the excellent result of the work of nature combined with that of men.
And when you ask: "So, which, of the two wonderful products of this land, could you manage without?" He will tell you: "I could never live without my oil".

Olive nel paracadute